Who We Are

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Our Mission

The mission of Dress for Success Southern Nevada is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world where women do not live in poverty; are treated with dignity and respect; and are strengthening their families and shaping their communities.

Our Purpose

“We are about much more than simply a new outfit”

Our purpose is to offer long-lasting solutions that enable women to break the cycles of poverty. Dress for Success Southern Nevada is part of a global movement for change, empowering women to obtain safer and better futures.

We provide each client with professional attire to secure employment, but we are about much more than simply a new outfit. Besides physically equipping the client with apparel and accessories, our programs furnish her with a confidence that she carries forever and the knowledge that she can actively define her life, the direction she takes and what success means to her.

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Our Beliefs

Every woman has the right to realize her full potential and achieve financial independence in a world of equality. We believe that with the proper education, tools, and action women make this world a much better place.

Poverty affects women the most deeply, and its effects on them and their families can be ever-lasting. Therefore, addressing women’s needs is central to improving the quality of life for each woman as well as her family, future generations, and her community. In fact, recognizing the significant role of women in economic development is the smart thing to do, as well as being socially and morally correct.

We believe that achieving gender equality is imperative to developing a sustainable and just world for all. A key is acknowledging the crucial role that women play in the world economy.

We believe that by building up a woman’s agency and knowledge, better synergies between gender equality and economic sustainability are realized, enabling her to generate long-term impact in both her private and public life.

How It Started

In 1996, Nancy Lublin, a second-year law student, received an inheritance of $5,000 from her great-grandfather and decided to turn this gift into one that would keep on giving. She teamed up with three nuns in her area and, identifying a crucial need that was not being filled, that same year she founded Dress for Success in the basement of a Manhattan church. From that original basement boutique, the mission of Dress for Success spread over all of North America and across the globe, demonstrating that achieving economic independence for women is a challenge they face regardless of location, language, customs or culture.
Founded in 2009, Dress for Success Southern Nevada is the local affiliate of the international non-profit that empowers women to achieve economic independence and enables them to build a career and become self-sufficient.

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The organization assists job-ready women in the Las Vegas valley, who are 16 years of age and older. Incoming clients must be referred by one of 80 qualified referral agencies comprised of non-profit, governmental, and community organizations. Women who are looking for help are provided a network of support, professional attire, and career development tools to help them thrive.

How It’s Going

Dress for Success Southern Nevada opened its first boutique in Las Vegas and suited its number one client in December 2010. Since then, we have suited hundreds of women every year, reaching a record of 829 women in a year. We provide each client with a career suit, cosmetics, footwear and accessories – and most importantly, positive reinforcement and a boost in confidence. After a client finds work, she can return to the boutique for a full week’s worth of professional attire. The clothing that we provide to our clients symbolizes our faith in every woman’s ability to succeed.

In addition to the suiting program, Dress for Success Southern Nevada offers additional support services through the Professional Women’s Group (PWG), Breakfast Club, and Mentoring to Achieve Personal Success (MAPS). PWG provides newly hired clients a network of support, practical information, and inspiration to remain employed. Breakfast Club meets monthly and supports clients seeking work by keeping them motivated and work-ready. MAPS offers both one-on-one and group mentoring programs. Taken together, our programs have served nearly 5,000 women since inception.

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Working Together

We are an ever-expanding international network working together with referral agencies, volunteers, and companies across the world to make a positive impact in women’s lives. By supporting each other, we can reach a greater number of women and make our vision a reality.

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers and all of the individuals who work tirelessly
and give generously – Because of your efforts we are able to carry on
our mission of empowering women!

Your Participation and Donations Fuel Success for
Empowered Women