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The Suiting Program

Dress for Success Southern Nevada solves the “Catch-22” that confronts women trying to enter the workforce: Without a job, how can you afford an interview outfit? But without the outfit, how do you make a great impression at that interview?

Dress for Success Southern Nevada is renowned for providing professional clothing to women returning to or entering the workforce. Although our mission has expanded, The Suiting Program remains a crucial part of our work and a vital first step in a woman’s journey toward self-sufficiency.

Each Dress for Success Southern Nevada client receives one outfit when she has a job interview and an additional week’s worth of work-appropriate apparel and accessories when she becomes employed.

Women come to dress for success Southern Nevada by referral from a range of non-profit organizations or by self-referral. Each client Works one-on-one with a highly trained volunteer Personal Stylist who helps her select professional attire and also provides support and encouragement.

The clothing we distribute comes from Community donations, corporate partners and retailers, but mainly women who donate to Dress For Success Southern Nevada in order to help another woman succeed.

Dress for Success Southern Nevada is excited to help the women in our community be successful!  There are two ways to get an appointment.

  1. Get a referral from a local social service agency or educational program.  Scroll down for the list of our referral partners.  Ask staff from the agency or program you’re already working with to refer you to Dress for Success Southern Nevada.
  2. Complete a self-referral.  If you need a clothing appointment but are not connected to any of the referring partners below, please complete a client referral form.
UPDATE: Please note that we are currently short-staffed and therefore taking longer to process new client referrals. Please anticipate 3-4 business days for follow-up. We thank you for your patience. Clothing appointments are currently scheduled on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

If you are interested in becoming a Dress for Success Referral Agency Partner, we encouraged you to first contact our Client Service Coordinator so we can share information and any updates about our range of client services.  All new organizations and any new case managers interested in making client referrals to Dress for Success Southern Nevada are required to fill out a referral partner application.

If you experience problems or need additional assistance, contact or call 702-684-6412 ext. 104

What We Do

Infographic about What For Success Charity Does


The mission of Dress for Success Southern Nevada is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Referral Partners

Clients who come into Dress for Success Southern Nevada are referred by an approved agency partner. This quality control gateway ensures that we and our affiliate agencies are not wastefully duplicating efforts and that we are effectively reaching into the community to elevate the lives of low-income women and their children. Below is a list of some of our referral agency partners:

Success Story

Gwendalyn - Transformation Grew From Trust

Referred to Dress For Success Southern Nevada by the Veteran Administration, Gwendalyn first walked through the door and didn’t know what to expect. A mother of four recently arrived from Puerto Rico, she had little but the clothes on her back and the vision to better herself and her family. Once she began relying on the attentive Dress for Success Image Consultant, she quickly relaxed and began smiling.  She received the best fashion and fit possible, in fact appearing in one of the outfits for the Dana Wagner TV13 interview. She wants to come back as a volunteer for Dress for Success Southern Nevada. Gwendalyn, thank you for your service to the United States Armed Forces, and welcome to your new beginnings and successes!


Words of appreciation from our clients