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7 Ways to Get Involved

4 – Events

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5 – Donation Drives

Turn your annual social event or your women’s monthly gathering into a moment of giving; a generous hand of support to other women. Host the party as a Dress for Success Donation Drive. There are donation activities beyond events too. Turn group activities like a “fun run” into donation drives. Or create positive inter-office rivalries that are competitive and fun too. Talk to us about how to help your group or family of friends grow together while benefiting others.

Donation Drive in Las Vegas

6 – Corporate Partner

We have many pathways for your company or corporation to partner in support of Dress for Success. You might furnish much needed in-kind merchandise or services, create employee payroll contributions, turn annual events or meetings into opportunities for giving. We customize programs that work specifically to achieve your needed strategy. Talk to us about “cause marketing” and the role we can play in it for you.

7 – Referral Agency

Every woman enrolled at Dress for Success comes in from a Referral Agency. These previously authorized entities might be governmental agencies, job training organizations, employment services, or charitable institutions, but embedded in their culture is the desire to lift up and elevate women. Click here to see how you can get in touch with or how to become a Dress for Success Referral Agency today.

Corporate Partners

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